green goddess sandwich
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Green Goddess Sandwich

This is a great brunch/lunch menu item.  I enjoy making it for a nice “girls” lunch however, I have made for Ralph a few times and he LOVES it!  Very healthy and filling! Naoma Doriguzzi Green Goddess Sandwich Print Recipe Delicious fresh vegetarian…

October 23, 2016
filet oscar
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Filet Oscar

This filet oscar recipe is the perfect for a romantic dinner for two!  We were a bit over whelmed with the idea of making a bearnaise sauce but we watched a few YouTube videos before and decided we were up for the challenge.  It…

February 13, 2016
cheesy bacon spinach quiche
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Cheesy Bacon Spinach Quiche

This Cheesy Bacon Spinach Quiche is the perfect Sunday family breakfast!  Very easy to make and not alot of mess! All you need to make this delicious breakfast!   Naoma Doriguzzi Cheesy Bacon Spinach Quiche Print Recipe CourseBreakfast, Main Dish CuisineEggs Servings Prep Time…

November 15, 2015
baked cheeseburger sliders
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Easy Cheeseburger Sliders

Need an easy weeknight dinner?  These are very simple to make with very few ingredients and the whole family will enjoy!  Ready in 30 minutes! Naoma Doriguzzi Easy Cheeseburger Sliders Print Recipe CourseMain Dish CuisineBeef Servings Prep Time 6 people 5 mins Cook…

November 13, 2015
coconut lime chicken
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Coconut Lime Chicken

We have found a winner!  I have made this Coconut Lime Chicken several times for Ralph and the kids and this is a recipe keeper! Naoma Doriguzzi Coconut Lime Chicken Print Recipe Get ready to be sad when it is over! This chicken…

November 1, 2015