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captain ralph gargiulo
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Safety First on the ClamJumper

The ClamJumper Sport Fishing Club members will be happy to know that their Captain (me) takes their safety very seriously. Although the ClamJumper is a well built boat, with a strong power plant, it cannot be denied that neither of these are new, or…

March 16, 2017
amazon prime 2 shows you must watch
Minimalism Reviews

Amazon Prime – 2 Shows You Must Watch!

I have been a big fan of Amazon Prime for years. Living in a rural area, it is an amazing time, gas and money saver. I will blog more about that another time, today’s post is about some of the amazing original content being…

January 17, 2017
seatow to the rescue
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SeaTow to the Rescue

There are as many different types of boats as their are different types of boaters.  Not everyone defines an enjoying day on the water the same.  Some are happiest in a Carolina Skiff catching flounder, while others are happiest off shore going for the…

January 8, 2017
rich kids
Minimalism Relationship

Rich Kids

I’m always exploring new music and recently discovered Judah and the Lion. They have a truly minimalist message in their song Rich Kids. A very enlightened view by such a young band in an age where musicians usually portray success as extreme financial wealth,…

December 18, 2016
2017 loving simply ralph and naoma
Minimalism Relationship

Time To Start Again. January 1, 2017

Not a great title, nor incredible accurate.  Starting again is not what I really want for myself.  I am quite pleased where I am in the grand scheme of things, but there is always room for improvement.  New Year’s Day is the time when…

December 6, 2016