So, I’m Ralph…. the taller, louder, older, balder, uglier, hot headed, less minimalist, rocking half of lovingsimply.com.  We are truly a case of opposites attracting which I think makes this relationship way more fun than average and through our first year a little more challenging at times. I can say without a doubt that the work that we put into our first year was well worth all the effort. 

I will start by saying that I am divorced. I wasn’t perfect and neither was she, I’ll just leave it there and touch from time to time on the lessons I have learned from that experience. I did get three great kids out of the deal, so it wasn’t a total waste. I had no intention of meeting another woman that would add up to “relationship” status. I was really just thinking I would walk alone, hang with my kids and have fun where I could. 

Then One day I enter Gordon Biersch for a drink and some happy hour fare and “bam” I meet Naoma. This amazingly cute little Korean girl with a hard core Italian last name. She was raised by Mormons in Nebraska and loves MMA, country music, has a TV news segment and blogs for a living…. OMG! A perfect match, after all, I’m a howdy doody looking white guy with an Italian name, raised by Southern Baptists in Long Island, who loves boating, working out, rock and roll and hip-hop who is active duty Naval Officer… What could possibly go wrong? 

So begins this tale of friendship, laughs, food, family, minimalism, and love. I am excited to see what happens with this blog and our future together, so many unknowns, so many ideas, so many dreams. I do know this, I am excited to have Naoma to share it all with. Love you baby!