Hi!  I am Naoma Doriguzzi!  I am a very shy, simple and hardworking mother to 2 boys ( Hunter and Ethan)  I blog for a living and help other with their online marketing.  But for me this is the project that I am most excited about.

For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I am in LOVE!  After I got divorced in 2009 I was devastated.  I couldn’t believe I was having to start all over and being a single mother to 2 very young boys.  It took some time but I got my life back in order but I never believed I could love or be loved.

I know I am far from perfect but I am always striving to be a perfectionist.  I am obsessed with organization and making things right.  I can’t sleep unless the kitchen is clean.  I like things lined up.  I love labels.   I hate confrontations and have a hard time sharing how I really feel.  I prefer to be alone at home than out and about.  I know I am a work in progress.

But enough about me… You have to meet Ralph!  He will even tell you he is the more interesting one!  And I am completely ok with that.  I prefer to be a behind the scenes person.  Plus he is freaking hot!  Especially in a uniform! 🙂

We are not here to share about how perfect our lives are.. We have both been married and divorced.  We have committed ourselves to making a life more simply for us and our families.  A minimalist lifestyle.  We aren’t chasing things, possessions, comparing our lives to others, instead we are choosing things that are important to us and that bring us joy.  Everything else is being removed from our lives.  A lot of our stuff has been thrown away and given away, we have told more people ‘no’, we have done more planning, spent less money, and just being more mindful in our every day life.  In the short time we have intentionally chosen to live this way, I felt even more connected and that I truly have a partner in life that is there for me no matter what. #LovingSimply