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“Hold My Drink?” will be a thing of the past

April 26, 2017
deep blue marine cup holder

“Will you hold my drink?”

The title of this blog entry is a bit of a trick. You probably thought it was going to be about a hot, dangerous topic like Date Rape and how to avoid it, people doing crazy things like dropping roofies in your drink while you use the restroom. But alas, this topic is way less practical, it’s not really instructional at all. 

It is however about something that all boat owners experience at one time or another, “Where the hell am I going to put my drink where it won’t spill?”  The ClamJumper is an old girl and her cockpit drink holders (may they rest in peace) finally succumbed to years of weather and are with us no longer. The search for the perfect drink holder has continued for months.


Beautiful #GradyLife photo from Naoma Doriguzzi of her Explorer 24 in Onslow Beach, North Carolina! Thanks for sharing!
Keep the great photos coming! #BoatingLife #GradyWhite

Posted by Grady-White Boats on Saturday, April 29, 2017

Naoma, tired of my indecision, took matters into her own hands and went to West Marine and bought four distinct types of cup holders as a surprise. After playing with them all for awhile in the boat, I decided on the perfect solution.  

And the winner is…..Drumroll Please….. a double cupholder made by Deep Blue Marine Products.  It is made of a high density plastic and suction cups very securely to my cabin  hatch.  Made right in the USA, I highly recommend you check out their website for affordable solutions and marine products that look like they will stand the test of time, and salt water.

Of note, West Marine has a 30 day return policy and gave us no problem returning the other three drink holders. 

Stay Hydrated America

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