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Safety First on the ClamJumper

March 16, 2017
captain ralph gargiulo

The ClamJumper Sport Fishing Club members will be happy to know that their Captain (me) takes their safety very seriously. Although the ClamJumper is a well built boat, with a strong power plant, it cannot be denied that neither of these are new, or even “newish”. That being said, I have gone through and assured that everything is in top working order and she is tuned up and ready to fish.

Some of the Safety Features that are routine are Aft and Bow Bilge pumps, plenty of Life Jackets , throwable flotation devices, sound making devices, and a Fire Extinguisher with Pressure Gauge. Some of the “over and above” safety features include a 25watt Marine VHF Radio,  Garmin GPSMAP 741xs without Transducer Includes Worldwide Base, a membership with SEATOW

NEWEST FEATURE is an ACR PLB-375 ResQLink Buoyant Personal Locator Beacon.  This Latest feature should give us all peace of mind that if all else fails including the Boat, GPS, Radio, Cell phones, we will always have this fantastic piece of gear to call in the calvary with accuracy to within 100 yards to get us home. 


Of course, with proper maintenance and planning, we hope to never have to use most of these safety features, but I want everyone to know that your safety, and my own, is a top priority and given the utmost consideration.

captain ralph gargiulo

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