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SeaTow to the Rescue

January 8, 2017
seatow to the rescue

There are as many different types of boats as their are different types of boaters.  Not everyone defines an enjoying day on the water the same.  Some are happiest in a Carolina Skiff catching flounder, while others are happiest off shore going for the big prizes.  There are boaters who relish the action of wake boarding and tubing while some like to just enjoy a sunset or midday cruise  while enjoying a tasty beverage (not everyone agrees on what the ideal Boating beverage is either).

On January 1, 2017 we were able to enjoy this tasty bottle of Orben Rioja wine while we patiently waited for SeaTow to rescue us.  

orbed rioja red wine

There is, however, one thing that 100% of boaters will agree upon, being stuck is no fun at all. There are so many ways to get into trouble while boating, lets review a few basic ones.  

Ran out of gas/oil, dead battery, engine trouble, fouled prop, run aground, taking on water, failed bilge pumps and the list gois on and on.  With this many things that can go wrong, it’s not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when” it will happen to you.  I started 2017 with a boat ride where Naoma and I found ourselves on a sandbar on an outgoing tide.  We were totally stuck.  

Naoma was able to get this amazing panorama with her phone.  

intercostal waterway panorama

Fortunately, as an active SeaTow member, I made a quick call on my cell phone and they assured me that help was an hour away and they would give me a tow off the sandbar.  Sure enough they showed up on time with a smile and their boat very handily pulled my 24ft Grady White off the ground and into deep water.  

rescued by seatow 2017

There was no paperwork, no money exchanging hands, it was all included in my yearly membership fee which was $179.00 for the Gold Card, which is the coverage needed for someone who boats offshore as I occasionally do.  There is also a 119.00 Lake Card, for people who boat on fresh, nontidal water ways and lakes.  Either way, that $179.00 per year lets me boat with the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, a skilled team of professionals will get me and my family home safely.  There are many more benefits of membership other than towing, battery jumping, fuel delivery, including online tutorials, a great phone app with weather and tide information.  So while there are thousands of great reasons to enjoy boating, there is no good reason to not be a member of SeaTow. 

WATCH how easy SeaTow was able to get us out of the sandbar! 

See…being stuck isn’t all that bad!  Watch how much fun we had while we waited! 

thank you seatow

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