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Amazon Prime – 2 Shows You Must Watch!

January 17, 2017
amazon prime 2 shows you must watch

I have been a big fan of Amazon Prime for years. Living in a rural area, it is an amazing time, gas and money saver. I will blog more about that another time, today’s post is about some of the amazing original content being offered on Amazon Video. I speak to many people who do not know that Amazon Video exists, it’s similar to Netflix, but they offer premium services that can be purchased widening the appeal for me.  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Naoma and I really enjoy dramatic series like Dexter, Breaking Bad, Vikings and Spartacus, but were looking for a new series to watch that didn’t already have seven seasons of content to explore. We already have a mortgage, kids, and we are engaged, so we shy away from taking on any more long term commitments. We found two series on Amazon that both only had one season, Goliath and Hand of God and both series were extremely well done, though provoking and addicting. 
Goliath – Official Trailer

Goliath, starring Billy Bob Thornton, William Hurt, and Maria Bello is a story of an alcoholic Lawyer seeking redemption as he takes on a giant (hence the name Goliath) defense contractor who is accused in the wrongful death of an employee and then attempted to coverup their responsibility by saying that he committed suicide. Oh, to make it more interesting, the Defense Contractors Law Firm is the prestigious firm that he started years ago with William Hurt. This is a journey that has many twists and is well worth watching. 

Hand of God: Season 1 (An Amazon Music Originals Soundtrack)

Hand of God, starring Ron Pearlman and Dana Delaney is a tale of a very powerful and politically connected Judge whose only son has committed suicide after being forced to watch his wife be raped. The season opens with Ron Pearlman naked in a public fountain speaking in tongues after being missing for four days. In those missing days he found religion and the story just gets more complex from there as Ron Pearlman fights to keep his son on life support as he looks for the people responsible for the rape with the help of “God” and voices in his head. This was another series where the characters and the storyline pulled you in completely within the first episode. 

The production value at Amazon Studios is of the highest Hollywood quality and I was sad when both of the series were over. Great writing, great stories, great characters and world class cinematography. I am hoping for a season two on both of these, but think that while Goliath has a chance, I can’t imagine where the storyline would go in Hand of God. One thing is for certain, I will be looking out for more Amazon Original series and cannot believe the value of my Amazon Prime membership, the company just keeps increasing its value in my life.

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