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Time To Start Again. January 1, 2017

December 6, 2016
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Not a great title, nor incredible accurate.  Starting again is not what I really want for myself.  I am quite pleased where I am in the grand scheme of things, but there is always room for improvement.  New Year’s Day is the time when most, myself included, get serious about improving or changing certain things in their life.  There is often failure, probably because the lofty goals we set are just that, a little too lofty.  So I think this year I am going to take a restrospective look and see what I did right and what could have been done better. 

Probably the biggest event over this past year was getting engaged.  As Naoma and I are planning for our future together, there are still so many uncertain factors at play.  How long will I remain on active duty in the US Navy?  Where will we live?  Where and how much will I work doing Anesthesia?  Will this blog ever take off and potentially be a part time career?  When will we actually get married?  This is all too much to chew on and to assume that I would have all the answers by the end of 2017 is folly at best.  So my goal for 2017 in this regard is to “Assure that Naoma and I are working towards the same  goals in a very deliberate open way”.  The plan to achieve this goal is to have a monthly meeting with Naoma where we will discuss these items and have written goals to work towards each month. 

Family time.  Anyone who knows us knows that our children are very important to us.  We like our family time to be unincumbered by distractions or cell phones, but that doesn’t happen as often as we like, nor do either of us, especially me, get to spend time with our kids as much as we wish we did.  Since being moved to Camp Lejeune, I don’t have my kids every other week like I was used to.  I try to get up when I can, but it’s not as frequent as I like, there’s not much I can do about that.  My goal for 2017 is to “Focus on at least one quality meeting with my kids per month”.  The plan to achieve this is to get up to Virginia or get them to NC at a minimum of once a month, even if it’s only for a day and spend quality time with them. Totally doable!

Decluttering. We have come so far in this are, but still an area for huge improvements. My focus in this area for 2017 is to eliminate 90% of everything in the junk drawers and spare closets in the house. Also, my garage, while it is hard to part with tools, and all the what ifs, I’m going to cut that clutter by half!

Organization. This is huge. I will have 100% of all photos on the cloud and organized by the end of 2017. Also, I will eliminate 100% of paperwork in my filing cabinet, it will all be scanned and organized in the cloud. Needless to say, I will need a lot of assistance from Naoma for all these tech savvy goals. 

Giving Back. Time is precious and spare time hard to come by.  Naoma and I love to give back to the community when we can, but it has been sporadic.  I would like to give at least an hour a week, to start, to give to a charitable organization like Mamma J’s Food Pantry, the Topsail Beach Ambassador program, and others. Will keep you posted on these. 

As Naoma and I meet each month, her organizational skills, lists, and giving spirit will surely make achieving 2017 goals easier and the best year ever. 

Happy New Years everyone!

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