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Loving Simply Engagement Photo Shoot

December 18, 2016
ralph gargiulo naoma doriguzzi sneads ferry engagement

Since we got engaged, Naoma and I have been wanting to get a photo shoot together to capture this special moment in our lives. We are not that big on things, but rather on enjoying our moments and time together. Yes, we take selfies and use our phones for photos, but when it is a truly special occasion, it’s time to bring a professional to the table.  Naoma found Dee Akright, who came all the way to Sneads Ferry, NC from Virginia Beach, VA to do our shoot.  Naoma and I looked at her work and determined that she was truly a master of lighting and we had lots of ideas for different locations and times of day that we wanted to capture, so managing the light was going to be key to a successful shoot. 

We could not have been more pleased with not only the way that the photos turned out, but with the whole experience.  Dee showed up and was ready to hit the ground running.  She was very flexible, fun and easy to talk to, we laughed all day and into the early evening, we were not rushed at all.  I think you will agree when you see the photos that she is truly a gifted photographer (she even made me look good) and has a true understanding of light management.  Thank you Dee Akright for your part in our Engagement, we have these photos which we will cherish into our old age.  

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