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I am thankful for family!

December 5, 2016
2016 Thanksgiving weekend sneads ferry

Pretty much my entire adult life I have been away from home where I grew up (Omaha, Nebraska), meaning that most holidays I have spent alone or with my 2 boys.  I have gotton used to holidays just meant another day to me.  And I am perfectly ok with it.  I enjoy the quiet time with no expectations from anyone.  On holidays I am with my boys it has always been a time to do something extra fun, even if it meant going on a little staycation to a hotel on the beach.  It was hard traveling alone across the country with 2 small boys.  

But now that I have the most amazing man in my life I have a new “extended family” for myself and my boys.  It has been an adjustment for my boys, as they have had to learn to get to know others as “family” since their dad has also remarried.  But family isn’t conventional anymore.  I have known that from the beginning coming from a family with 7 kids ( The 4 oldest of us were adopted from different families) 

I know it probably was weird to see Ralph with someone new, maybe even a bit awkward at first.  But I am going to soon be a permanent part of his life, as his wife!  This is going to be my new “normal”  And I couldn’t be more happier to have the Gargiulo’s on my side!     

This was the first time my boys got to meet everyone and so happy that they were greeted with hugs and kindness from everyone.  

This year I am grateful for Carlo Gargiulo, Irene Gargiulo, John Clifford, Mary Clifford, Megan Clifford, Shannon Clifford, Austin Clifford, Devin Clifford, John Gargiulo, Kim Gargiulo, Amelia Gargiulo, Vivian Gargiulo, Nick Gargiulo, Kat Gargiulo & Madalyn Gargiulo!  

And my most favorite Gargiulo —- RALPH!  My future husband!  The reason I get to soon call these amazing individuals, my family!   

Here is a little video recap of our 4 1/2 days together for Thanksgiving at our Sneads Ferry, North Carolina home broken down to 16 minutes.  I did my best considering I was hosting 19 people and 2 dogs.  🙂  But overall, I believe it was a success!  






And we also thankful for Airbnb for having this home to help host our family so close to us in Sneads Ferry!  


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