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August 4, 2016
minimalist boating

I hope you read my recent blog about my minimalist car. Well, this could be considered the sequel “Minimalist Boating”. Yes, it is the most common critique I’ve received “you’re a minimalist? Really? Can I have your boat?” No, but Naoma and I would love to spend some quality time with you on it. 

The overriding minimalist philosophy is to minimize the things that don’t matter so you have more time and resources for the things that really matter. Well, I have had a boat almost all of my adult life. My last boat, “Sea Section” was a 1996 17 foot Edgewater which I had for 16 years before getting my current boat, “ClamJumper”, a 1994 24 foot Grady White Explorer with a 1998 Yamaha OX66 250hp engine. I got this boat about a year and a half ago as my family had literally outgrown the Sea Section. My kids are all older and like to have their friends join us, and I enjoy spending time with their friends as well. Naoma and I were clearly going to stay together, so between the two of us, we couldn’t even take out all of our kids out simultaneously and we didn’t want anyone to be left out. 

Some of the greatest memories I have of my kids growing up happened in our boats and on the water. Even today, it is the one place where the cell phones go away except to take some photos. 

There is always a sense of adventure and excitement as we head out for a day on the water, are we going to have good weather? Are we going to encounter some Dolphins? Are we going to catch some fish? Are we going to go tubing. Kneeboarding? What did the adults pack in the cooler for lunch?  Sunrises, sunsets, all just part and parcel for a day on the water that I never get tired of. Warm weather, sandy feet, tan skin, I just never want a great day on the water to end.  We have also met some great people boating, everyone is very friendly and helpful and let’s not forget the courtesy wave. OMG, let’s not discount the feeling of being freshly showered after being out all day in the salt water and air, the feeling of your warm skin on clean sheets. Yes, I love pretty much everything about boating with my family and friends. The smiles on the kids faces, the sound of laughter and screams as I toss them off the tube, the joy of trolling and enjoying the glow of Naoma’s skin in the setting sun as we enjoy some wine and cheese. 

When I extract so much consistent joy from this with the people I love, how can I not make this a priority? As it is an older boat, it was not expensive at all. After 16 years with the Sea Section, I sold it and the balance for this boat was under 7k, very inexpensive since a similar new one would be in the 80-90k range. There may come a day when I want a smaller boat again, but for now, this old, reliable, well built machine is a source of immense joy that I hope to keep for many years. 

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