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Gasman Tattoo – Stouts House of Pain

August 13, 2016
stouts house of pain tattoo

I went for my first tattoo when I was 22 years old. I was pretty pleased with it at the time and never really had the urge to get any more until recently. I cannot tell you why except to say that I like the idea of choosing your skin. We can’t pick whether we are white or black, red or yellow, but you can choose to cover some of that surface area with art of your choosing. Yes, I said art. I find it interesting that many don’t see tattoos as art, now, there are some pretty bad tattoos out there, so, not all tattoos are equal, and not everyone who applies a tattoo to your skin is an artist.

With my recent PCS move to Camp LeJeune, I was joked that the only things down here were tattoo parlors,  strip joints, and bars. Well, I rarely if ever go to a bar, I don’t enjoy or have interest in seeing strippers, but I did decide to seek out a tattoo artist. I went to many websites and asked around and found Sabrina Cruz at Stout’s House of Pain. When I saw her online portfolio, I knew she was the one to make the tattoo I had been imagining for about two years. A large piece that would be personal to me in that it would encompass many components of my Naval career.

stouts house of pain tattoo

A few emails and a quick visit with Sabrina to discuss design (Stout’s only does custom, original work) and we were both excited to get started. When she emailed me the design she had put together I was so excited, she had all the components I wanted in a design that I found amazing. It was 6&1/2 hours of chair time, during which we discussed everything from politics, to kids and relationships. There was a cameo by Naoma who brought me dinner and a very strong Vodka & Diet Coke. Thank God the tattoo took until 1am, so I had time to sober up!

Enjoy the video and the pics and give Sabrina Cruz a call if you want a well done custom design tattoo.

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