Humble and Kind… NC in a nutshell 

July 30, 2016
sneads ferry

There is a song by Tim McGraw called Humble and Kind, click on the Official Video on YouTube to check it out. In a world that grows more complex by the day, this song has a very strong appeal to me, to us. The idea of this song is what we have found in the people in Sneads Ferry, NC. We moved here merely a month ago, and have met some of the kindest most caring people ever here. From the marina owner, wait staff at restaurants, gas station clerks, the good folks at Camp Lejeune, to our neighbors. Is it something in the water?

I could go on with example after example and make this a boring piece to read, but just imagine asking someone for directions or help and consistently, time after time, getting more than you expected with what appears to be genuine concern and a smile. That’s what we have found to be the norm here in Sneads Ferry. While this is the South, which is well known for its hospitality, a city boy like myself would expect that after living here for a while, the veneer would soon wear off and the real personality of this place would rear its ugly head. I am very happy to report that this has not happened, these people are genuinely kind. One of my theories is that cell service is pretty patchy in most areas, so people aren’t insulated, walking around with their head buried in a little 5 inch screen, but rather keep their phones in their pocket and actually have human interactions with each other.

I have also made a very conscious effort to not be in a rush, to keep my phone tucked away, and interact with people in a more genteel manner. I can tell you that it has made everything I do feel more relaxed and pleasurable. Even my driving style has changed, and as a result, I am happier, and even my acid reflux symptoms have almost completely subsided. So my next thought is why can’t everywhere be like this, why can’t people be gentle and kind everywhere? Well, we can. It starts with you. Be kind to someone today, slow down, take an interest in the people around you and you’ll probably be very happy with what you get in return.

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