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Birthday party at Wrightsville Beach

July 26, 2016
Happy Birthday Amelia

One thing I don’t ever want to take for granted is having family close by.  And I am so happy to have been able to celebrate Amelia’s 3rd birthday party at Wrightsville Beach with Ralph and my boys! Pretty much my entire adult life I have lived far away from family.  I am very lucky to have lived in so many great places…but sometimes nothing beats having family around.

Since moving to Sneads Ferry, NC with Ralph this summer we now have Ralph’s brother about an hour away in Wilmington.  We have been able to see them pretty much every weekend since we came here.  They have 2 adorable little girls – Amelia (3 years old as of July 28) and Vivian who is almost a year old.  I am looking forward to getting to know Ralph’s family more!

This weekend we were able to attend Amelia’s 3rd birthday which they had at the beach.  We took my 2 boys with us – Hunter (11 years old) and Ethan ( 8 years old) to attend the early Saturday morning beach party!  What a perfect day too!

As a mother I know that at birthday parties you get so wrapped up in all the festivities, being hostess, and of course making sure the special birthday child gets all the attention… and it can be very difficult to get the photos/videos to capture the special day.  I am grateful to have brought my GoPro Hero 4 and capture some of it – with some of Ralph’s great interview skills we were able to create this cute video and hope that they enjoy it!  Amelia may not remember that day in a few years so I am glad that we can share this with her and for those that weren’t able to attend.. Here is to many more memories that I hope to be a part of with the Wilmington Gargiulo family!

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