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Frisbee Golf…. Me?

June 5, 2016
ethan doriguzzi playing disc golf

My brother was the first one to tell me about disc golf. I used “frisbee golf” in the title just to piss off the dorks that would get offended by a mistake such as that. Now, I admit, I am far from cool, but I am not Star Strek materiel either. I digress. So my brother, who I love dearly, is a brilliant man, a VP for Bank of America, and also a statistics and geography nerd who reads demographic data and figures out where the man (aka Bank of America) should and should not do business. My brother is als almost a vegetarian, and occasionally skateboards to the office after surfing nearly every morning. Are you getting the hipster kind of guy my bro is? So I took his recommendations to try disc golf lightly.

ralph gargiulo disc golf

Anyhow, Naoma and I recently moved in together. I don’t mean to gloss over that huge life changing event, but let’s just say that I needed to find a new gym stat! Another change was that we would ride right past a frisbee golf course on our way to the boat or beach. Each time I passed, I felt the allure growing.  It was a Saturday and we were wondering what to do and the idea of disc golf came up, so I went to a local sporting goods store and purchased two disc golf starter kits for $27 each.

We had such a good time trying to figure this game out. It was not hard, but not easy either. There were no greens fees, no golf carts, no plaid pants, no special shoes, no arrogant douchbaggery of any sort. There were fathers and sons, couples, and lots of groups of “dudes”. It was a very eclectic group of people who were all just having a good time, enjoying nature and each others company. I’m sure that there are elite disc golfers who forget that this is a game, but I felt connected to the course and the people I was with, as this game is easy to play, but difficult to master.

ralph gargiulo disc golf

As I was playing today, the Minimalism principles were running through my head. I was playing this game which made me happy, costs zero (after my initial $27 dollar purchase), spending time with loved ones, and not trying to impress a damn soul! It was a lovely thought as I watched Ethan, now 7, toss a frisbee further than he has ever before after a few instructional tips. It was true quality time and my only wish was that there were more of my family there to play with me.

ethan doriguzzi disc golf ethan doriguzzi disc golf

Ralph J Gargiulo,


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