Having a house for sale is like….

March 12, 2016
bells hollow chesapeake

In Dante’s Inferno, he got the innermost circle of hell all wrong, at least for me. My personal hell would be moving and just as you get the last picture on the wall, the last boxes unpacked and in the recycle bin, the internet working the sheets on the bed and you are getting ready to go to sleep, that’s when Satan busts in and says, “start packing, you’re moving”. And this cycle would repeat for eternity.

Now, some may think that as a Navy guy moving should be second nature to both me and my family. I will spare you all the details, but let’s just say that I’ve made a few deals with the Devil to not uproot my kids from their lives and friends. I’ve been in the same area since December 2001, yes, over 14 years! We did move from Virginia Beach to Chesapeake, but that was by choice and not traumatic enough for my kids to ever say that they were “military brats”.

So now I am sitting on my sofa blogging, after waiting for a realtor and his client all day (they were on time, but when people are coming to see property, it’s like living in a museum), they came in for about 6 minutes, threw an insulting offer my way and left. All I can do is smile and enjoy this beautiful home while I can with Naoma and all our kids while I can.

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