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Vacation to Mexico

February 15, 2016

I apologize for the lack of posts as of late, I will try to catch up. Naoma and I have been so busy with my pending transfer to Camp Lejeune, that things just kind of get pushed to the side. Even living our lives as minimalists, we have not had time for all the things we love.

So let’s get down to the business of Mexico. We booked this trip via Travelocity and their website made the whole process seamless and simple. We stayed at the Excellence Playa Mujeres resort which is on the North side of Cancun. One of the very nice extras that I purchased on Travelocity was a private transfer from the airport to the resort and back. For $125 we rode alone in a luxury Chevy Suburban and were at our resort in no time. The other option was to end up on a crowded transfer van with other couples stopping at multiple resorts and wasting your vacation time. We were very happy we purchased this, money well spent.

We arrived at the Excellence resort to be greeted with cool lemon scented washcloths and glasses of champagne, two early indicators that we were about to be spoiled for the next six days. We arrived early so had a few hours to kill before we could take possession of our room, but everything is on the house here, so we took time to check it all out.  As we explored the resort we were blown away by the magnificent  care that they seemed to take in everything. The landscaping was perfect, the beach was combed, the towels were rolled, the staff uniforms were impeccable, the pools were crystal clear, and everyone you saw there, guests and staff, were all smiles, this is a happy place.

After enjoying our first few drinks and a fantastic poolside lunch we were taken to our room. Ok, to call this a room is to call the Sistine Chapel a church. This was a suite the likes of which I had never stayed in. A king size 4 post bed, an L-shaped sofa, a huge porch with another queen sized bed, a side room with a huge private jacuzzi., a fully stocked mini bar with full bottles of your choice of liquor, beer, soft drinks, snacks etc. The shower was all marble and big enough for two (or three if things got crazy), had very powerful water pressure and had two shower heads, the first was standard head with a wand, and the other was a waterfall from the ceiling, yes this was luxurious.  Plenty of water pressure and endless hot water. Funny thing is that the mirrors in the bathroom were too tall for Naoma’s 5 foot body. Within minutes of making a call to the desk, someone was there to modify and lower the mirror for her.

Over the course of the next few days we enjoyed many hours of relaxing, drinking, gourmet meals, sleeping in, it was a great vacation and we felt spoiled and lucky to be able to do this together. We did, however have three days of cool, blustery weather. No worries, the back up plan went into full effect. We spent one afternoon at the on-site Miilė spa. This was not included, but worth every penny. I don’t want to spoil the surprise if you go, but let’s just say that is starts out with an hour long multi station hydro-massage just to get you in a relaxed state before the real massage even begins. We got the Excellence Couples Massage and left there very pleased with our choice of activity for that day.

Day two of questionable weather was spent on a full day adventure in the jungle at Selvatica. I cannot say enough about what a wonderful day this was. We opted for the Gimme All the Adventure package and, they delivered! The staff here were all so funny and kind to all the guests. They truly were a class act all the way. The day included swimming, high jumping and zip lining into two different cenote’s both of which were very beautiful. We took trail rides on four wheelers. This was not benign, either, there trails were muddy and rocky and there was definitely an element of danger and adventure involved. There were many types of zip lines, some short, some very long, oh yeah and a bungee swing!  They have the Paparazzi following you around all day and offer a great photo package which we opted to get at the end of the day.  We were tired time to get back to the luxury.

Third day of iffy weather was spent relaxing, reading, talking and enjoying being away from it all. Less than ideal weather can put a damper on a Carribean vacation, however, good company, flexibility and a resort that offers so much make for a wonderful time regardless. I will add that Excellence Playa Mujeres is an adults only resort, this was important to us as we didn’t bring our kids, so no reason to have to listen to others :-).

Let’s talk about the food for a moment. OMG, we were blown away by the quality and the diversity of the restaurants on the resort. There is a dress code for the dinner meals and I enjoy that. Don’t want to eat a fine meal next to people in wet bathing suites and flip flops. However, it is still very casual and I would say that I was definitely on the border of overdressed as I brought three suites,Mobutu Naoma likes the way I look in those and I’m happy to oblige.

Will we return? Undoubtedly, this is a resort I would return to, but we like to try new things, so probably not, however we strongly suggest that you try this resort. You will be pampered, there are nightly entertainment options, you can’t go wrong with Excellenc Playa Mujeres.

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