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Carpet Cleaning by American Steam, LLC

February 15, 2016
american steam

Sometimes I wonder what the intention of this blog is. I’ve never done this before. I think it’s a good place for good people to come, share our ideas, start a conversation, make friends etc. I want to start this post by saying that I have received no compensation or discount from American Steam.

We have a home with builder grade very light colored carpet that is now 7 years old. The original owners had no dogs or kids, so it was perfect when I moved in two years ago. Now with my dog (Sofi the carpet slayer) and my three kids and Naoma’s two kids, and my propensity for having elaborate Casino Night parties, the carpet was looking embarrassingly bad. I toyed with the idea of putting in hardwood floors throughout, but thankfully opted not to since I now have orders to move to Camp Lejeune.

As I was taking stock of the small repairs I would have to perform to show and sell this house, the floors were at the top of my list. I was certain they were be beyond cleaning and i would just have to suck it up and pay a huge carpet allowance at closing. Well, thanks to American Steam, That is no longer a concern. I vacuumed the house thoroughly and moved anything that could fall if furniture was moved as they asked me to do, this hour of prep work on my part makes for a much better job. For liability reasons, they won’t move furniture if it has “breakables” on it. Hallelujah, they arrived right on time (this is a huge deal to me). Getting straight to it, we walked through the home pointing out the troubled areas and the owner/operator, Brian Adams, (real name) went straight to work. Cleaning included under and behind furniture.

The results were astounding and there were no extra or hidden charges. I paid exactly what he told me it would cost on the phone (another really big deal to me). The service was timely, efficient, and Brian was very professional and knowledgeable about carpet cleaning and care. If you live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, you’d be very happy that you called Americal Steam, LLC. (757)663-8158

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