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The Martian

January 3, 2016
the martian review

We just watched the Martian on Amazon Prime and it was the first movie that we have watched as a group that everyone was fully engaged for the duration. Ethan and Hunter didn’t check out once to play on their iPads, Madalyn wasn’t texting her friends at all, Naoma wasn’t on Twitter, and biggest news of all, I didn’t fall asleep!

I could relate to the character played by Matt Damon, because as a Sailor, I have often been separated from those I love, and when in some combat situations, I had accepted the fact that I may not ever return home. However, I also relate to the character in my current situation, where I will be moving this summer and Naoma (NASA) and myself (stranded astraunaut) will have to figure out how to get home again. Of course by home I mean that she and I are geographically not separated from each other or our children. Fortunately, we are committed to making this work so if everyone doesn’t mind I’m going to plant some potatoes in my morning constitution.

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