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Product review: Chisel Shave Club

January 22, 2016
chisel razor review

I would like to think that people describe me as Athletic, Smart, and Handsome. But I’m a realist… If someone was describing me to another they would probably use the following three words, Tall, White, and Bald.  I have accepted that these are my three traits that make me easiest to find in a room full of people. I was contacted by the very nice folks at Chisel Shave Club to evaluate their product and I was more than happy to oblige. I’m assuming because of the Bald part, after all, we (the bald) are considered to be the unquestioned experts in matters of depilation.

So the package came in the mail very rapidly and it was a very nice box. When you opened it, you felt like you were receiving a luxurious gift. The projects were nicely displayed within on a bed of shredded cedar, which was visually pleasing and smelled great. The box contained way more than I expected! There was a Cedar Citrus Soap Bar, which smells amazing and felt great. Next was a Gel Face Wash, a Red Leaf Black TeaShaving soap, two types of razor blades to load into a magnificent, heavy, Stainless Steel Handel that is reminiscent of something that you shaved with back in the day when men were made of Steel and Ships were made of wood. The final product was a very high quality aftershave containing Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, and hyaluronic acid.

I saved opening this product until my return from vacation in Mexico and I put this Chisel set to the test on a nine day growth beard. Although I was happy with my cartridge razors I was using, I would have never attempted this, I would have used by electric trimmers to get it a bit closer, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I have been shaving with a cartridge razor all my life, there is a convenience to it, but it is a mundane task. Maybe it was the newness of wet shaving but it felt more ceremonial. There is a process to it, you can select different types of blades made from different materials to put in the handle, there are various soaps to be used, none of which emmit CFC’s into the environment. It’s like a time warp where becoming a man meant something. Shaving is elevated to the type of experience that you want to share with your sons and tell your friends about. By the way, I got a great shave, with no irritation at all.

Disclosure:  I received a sample box from Chisel Shave Club in exchange for writing a review on the blog

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They currently offer a month to month subscription for $29.99/mo with the option to add on a safety razor handle and shaving brush to the first month’s box for an additional cost.

They also offer:
A 3 month prepaid plan for $28.99/mo

A 6 month prepaid plan for $27.99/mo that comes with a free safety razor handle and shaving brush in the first box.

A 1 year prepaid plan for $26.99/mo that comes with a free safety razor handle and shaving brush in the first box.


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