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A New Year… 2016 Full of Hope & Fear

January 3, 2016
ralph gargiulo and naoma doriguzzi 2016

What a great New Year! We truly had a great one with four of our five kids present. Lots of great food, lots of kids and their friends, it was amazing. Although, since I got rid of cable, watching the ball drop in NYC was enjoyed around an iMac rather than my large screen TV!

So much has happened in the last few weeks that I have been a little overwhelmed and haven’t been motivated to write. I have, instead, spent much time thinking about life, career, & relationships. So the biggest “thing” happening is that I found out, rather abruptly, that I am going to be re-located to meet the needs of the Navy. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has served, however when you are less than two years from retirement, it was a shocker to me. Am I complaining? No, I am an active duty Commander and always knew this was a risk, but I thought I was set. So my life has essentially been turned upside down. Naoma and I have had long discussions about the move and there are many confounding factors that are going to make the next few years very painful.

1. I have to sell or rent my home

2. I won’t see my kids with the frequency that I am used to ( I need to stay relevant in their lives)

3. Naoma and I are looking at at least two years of a long distance relationship

4. The move, scheduled for this summer puts me in the Navy for 9 months beyond my retirement eligibility date

Even now, just making that short list has made me feel anxious and a bit overwhelmed. How will all this work out? I guess the way it is supposed to. I didn’t ask for these lemons, but I’m going to make lemonade anyway.


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