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November 24, 2015
compassion experience virginia beach

compassion experience virginia beach

Today was a very uplifting day for our family, or should I say our collective families, either way, you know what who I mean. A few weeks ago, we signed up to tour the Compassion Experience which was going to be at a local church. I do not remember exactly where we heard about Compassion, but their website was very positive and we even cancelled after school plans for our kids so that we could attend. Their slogan “experience another world, without leaving yours” seemed like a message that was perfect to share with our children and especially with the holiday season bearing down on us.

Between the extended Black Friday sales and a million other messages that would make you believe that the Christmas was being sponsored by Target, Walmart and Xbox, it seemed like thinking about those who have nothing would be an eye opening for our very fortunate kids who are spoiled by standards world wide. Mind you, our kids are not bad, they don’t even know what they have vs what they need, it’s not been in their collective thought. Should we go to the beach or out on the boat  is a common question in our home, never “will we eat tonight or will we go to bed hungry”?

compassion experience

The Compassion Experience is a tractor trailer that has multiple rooms and goes through the life and experiences of a boy growing up in Ethiopia. When you check in they give you an iPhone with headphones and each room has a story that goes along with it. You see how they live and the narrated story expresses the frustrations and hopelessness of one of the millions of kids growing up in these conditions. No hope of a good future, no hope of a good education, no hope.

Compassion is a faith based organization that feeds, educates and trains children across the globe and gives them hope and the tools to succeed In the world. We were moved by the whole experience and at the end of the tour the kids were excited to pick a child to sponsor. We chose Milton Nobles from Bolivia. We made a monthly commitment and wrote him a letter to tell him about ourselves and are excited to hear back from him in the coming weeks. We are all feeling great about our decision to take time to have this experience and the kids are hoping to have a real connection with Milton, if only by snail mail.

Did we make a difference? Have we made the world a better place in some small way? Maybe. Maybe Milton will get the training he needs to have a better life, to raise a family and rise from abject poverty. If that is so, then the answer is yes. Here’s to you Milton, good luck!

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