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Simple Things… Remembered?

November 16, 2015

I have done great and grandiose things with my kids, bought expensive gifts over the years, and taken grand vacations. I am wondering, however, how I will be judged and remembered in the future by my kids? I have adopted the minimalist lifestyle and am definitely paring back on some of the luxuries that they may have been accustomed to, but Im trying to make even more time for the simple things, I just hope that they are appreciated and remembered.

This weekend was a fine example of this simpler lifestyle. Friday evening was grilling steaks and chicken at home and onion rings. Then playing video games with the kids and spending time playing with the dog. Saturday involved going to the gym and getting some much needed exercise followed by a trip to the Chesapeake City Park to play games with the kids. We played basketball, frisbee, football and Rootball. (See my upcoming blog on Rootball, a game so cool it deserves its own entry). After all of this fun we came home and gathered kindling and sticks in the woods for an after dinner fire on the deck.  BTW dinner was some amazing Pasta, don’t forget, we are super duper Italian  ??.


Saturday night by the fire with the kids #FamilyNight

Posted by Loving Simply on Saturday, November 14, 2015

Then on Sunday, after Naoma made an amazing Quiche, I played games with the boys while Kat slept in. Naoma had to work and get lots of stuff ready for some upcoming travel so Kat and I went to the Virginia Zoo, where they were having a military appreciation day. We did stop at 7-11 and picked up some Pumpkin Spice Lattes. This gave us time to talk about everything from boys to school to the amazingness of giraffes! I believe that every once in a while a little one on one with your kids lets them know that you love them as an individual and gives them an opportunity to really open up in ways they never would in a group.

So we spent the entire weekend with our kids and minus food, this weekend cost absolutely nothing except our time. We truly enjoy being big spenders of time over money any day. We are hoping that all of our collective kids will look back on times like this weekend as a deliberate effort to spend quality time with them. I think our kids will remember time spent with them way more than a pair of UGG’s.

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