Metric System is Minimalist

November 6, 2015
Ralph Gargiulo

This is a topic which I am passionate about. As a man of science, a man who relies on accuracy and precision in my anesthetic dosing I will never understand why we use any other system than metric in America.

I was driving  today and my GPS informed me that my exit was in 1/2 mile. I thought to myself, how many feet are in a mile? I knew it was three thousand and something feet. Then I was instantly angry with myself for never committing this to memory. My next thought was to forgive myself as I recalled that I know exactly how many meters are in a kilometer, how many cubit centimeters are in a liter, and how many micrograms are in a milligram. The problem is not me, it’s the system. I am good in the rest of the world that realizes that counting to ten is super easy. Teaspoons, tablespoons, pints, yards? … Rediculius!!  We need to stop even teaching our children these units of measure; pounds, inches, miles, gallons, all of which are not only more difficult to remember, but much less accurate units of measure as well. There is a very good reason that all science & technology that requires accuracy and precision only utilizes the metric system. It is frustrating for our kids to learn the metric system system when our whole infrastructure is based in this other nonsensical system. Kids think it’s hard, simply because they are not exposed until later in life when in reality, it is way, way, way easier (yes, it really is three ways easier)!

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