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Dollar Shave Club: Review

November 3, 2015
ralph gargiulo

This is a review that I just had to do.  This is a topic on which I feel, maybe not uniquely qualified, but definitely “over qualified” to speak on. For those of you who may not have noticed, I am what is known as “follicularly challenged”. Maybe not a true natural chrome dome, but I have enough of that nasty dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that causes male pattern baldness. It got to the point that back in 2001 I started clipping my hair very short and in 2003, I decided that the smooth shaved head was the look for me. Now, kids still point and laugh from time to time, but the ladies, particularly Naoma, seem to really like my head in its smooth full chrome domium form. So I shave my head about every other day. Then as some of you may also know, I am also in the US Navy, and they require that I shave my face as well. I only realized in the last few weeks after surgery that I grow a decent beard that looks ok. I will return to that look after I retire from the Navy, but for at least the next two years I am stuck with the daily grind of hair management aka shaving. I have tried most razors out there and although I was very happy with the Mach 3 for many years, I got tired of forgetting to buy new blades and paying an arm and a leg for those replacement blades.

Then, one day, like a light from on high, I saw the following advertisement and I knew what I had to do!

Well for starters, there are three levels of membership.  The humble twin, the 4x and the executive. See the attached images.


Admittedly, I have not tried them all.  I chose the middle of the road 4x, and was so overwhelmingly satisfied, I never felt the urge to try anything else. In other words, for $6 a month I was as satisfied with the quality and shave as I was with the $16 Mach 3 razors. I will admit, that as a minimalist, I should probably try the $1 razors, but the 4x shave is so luxurious, some things are just worth the added expense. We are talking about my face after all. I will not tolerate a rough shave and razor burn etc.

Like clock work, every month four new replacement cartridges show up in the mail. I have an abundance now as the razors are of very high quality, and definitely last more than a week each. But at the first sign of dullness, it’s in the trash and replaced by a fresh new blade ready for the job at hand. The home delivery aspect is amazing, why? Because I have never run out of fresh razors since I joined a year ago.

Extra handles can be ordered on the website as can some of their other products. I really like the “One Wipe Charlie’s”. I think the name is pretty explanatory , but the following video will fill in any questions you may have and if it doesn’t make you giggle… Then shame on you. I’ll just say that they perform well and leave me feeling fresh enough to go horseback riding.

There are other products like a shave balm which was good, but not super special, so I don’t get that regularly, and a hair gel, which I obviously have no need for.

Overall, Dollar Shave Club is my #1 highest recommended product. It offers high quality at a low price and comes straight to my mailbox with no problems ever. If all of life were like Dollar Shave Club … life would be much … smoother (don’t hate me for that, it was too easy)


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