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Product Review: Cave Tools Stainless Steel Kabob Set

October 28, 2015
cave tools kabob set

cave tools kabob set

Ok, so you may be wondering why? Why would someone want a Kabob set. The bamboo skewers are cheap and easy to use. I will share with you my train of thought and how I thought this particular set worked.

For starters,  I was going to make Kabobs and the bag of sticks I was going to use had gotten damp and had black mold all over them (yuk). I recollected that one of my favorite restaurants on this planet, The Kabob Palace in Crystal City, VA used metal skewers. I found the place while going to school at Georgetown University and it became a regular haunt for me and my friends, especially for those late night study sessions. I went on the hunt and came across Cave Tools Stainless Steel Kabob set. It seemed like a good deal for $15.99.

The item seemed of good quality, definitely for residential use, but also not cheap. I could see me using this set for some time without problems. The set comes with a rack that actually keeps the Kabobs suspended over the grill, so the grill can be dirty or rusted and it won’t effect your dinner. I was extremely happy with the way my kabobs turned out, evenly cooked without anything sticking to the grill. If this was my dream Kabob set, it would be larger, longer skewers and a rack that held maybe 8 or ten Kabobs for larger families ( 5 is a pretty modest amount to prepare at once )

Here are some links to get the set if you think you would like to try them for yourselves or give as a thoughtful holiday gift.

Amazon  with coupon code Kabob Set 15% Off: LHWJZQMZ

Cave Tools Website

ALSO, because we just keep giving and giving here at, I am going to include the recipe we used for Spicy Pineapple Chicken Kabobs. Do not skip this recipe, they were amazing!!

spicy chicken pineapple kabob set

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