Minimalism Relationship

In sickness and in health

October 18, 2015
Ralph Gargiulo

Stay with someone long enough and eventually your persona, your image will come crashing down around you. I’m not implying that you were “faking it”, but if you are, knock it off.  Naoma and I may not be married, but we have been together long enough that we have each needed to lean on each other when we were down. I have sat by her side in the Emergency department, held her hand, and cared for her day and night. Although you never want to see the person you love sick or injured, I think we all long to show our love that we will be there no matter what, to care for them like no one else could or would.

I had shoulder surgery this past week, and Naoma was there for me in such a beautiful and incredible way. From meal planning, shopping, dressing me, to cleaning my house. She would wake up at night and get me pain pills and change my ice packs. Loving someone is one thing, but being the recipient of this type of selflessness is extremely humbling. As a man in my prime and a health care provider, this is not a role I am accustomed to. I am way more comfortable on the giving end of this equation. However, the situation dictated that I sit back and accept the outpouring of love, affection and selflessness.  Thank you Naoma, I couldn’t have done this without you. It is no doubt why these are part of the marriage vows, because being sick, vulnerable, or injured is inevitable, and knowing you have a partner who’s got your back during these times is more than comforting, it’s the greatest human expression of love.


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