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Billions in Change

October 15, 2015
billions in change

There are very few things that we watch on television.  We don’t have a favorite show that we wait all week for. We don’t watch any professional or amateur sports. Neither of us has cable, heck, Naoma doesn’t even have a TV in her home. We do, however, have subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu and that’s enough for what we need. So we ran across an ad for a documentary called Billions in Change and felt compelled to watch.

It is the ongoing story of Manoj Bhargava, billionaire CEO of 5-Hour Energy drinks. In this movie we learn Bhargava amassed a 4 Billion dollar empire and he is committing 99% of that fortune to helping humanity on his terms. He isn’t just giving the money away to governments, individuals or existing non-profits, No, he has opened an area called stage 2 where he has hired top scientists and has them working on inventions that will address Clean Energy, Health, and Water purification across the globe.

This is truly one of the most inspiring things we have ever seen. It makes you rethink the question “what would you do if you won Power Ball or Megamillions, where prizes are often over 50 million dollars.  Would you commit a large fraction of that money to helping people or would you just squander it all on selfish and ridiculous luxuries?

We are hoping to win one of these mega jackpots one day. We would try to emulate the example set forth by Manoj Bhargava, that would be our job from that point forward, to try and make a positive difference in the world. Bhargava says, “The more you are given, the more that is expected from you. It’s that simple.” We agree.

Ralph & Naoma

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