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Our very first year

September 2, 2015
loving simply

We met in September 2014 and we are now celebrating our first year together!  So many memories I only wish I would have started this earlier.  It wasn’t always easy and there were a few times where I thought about giving up and thought that it would never work.  But we managed to work through it and I am so grateful we have each other.  I know I have a true partner in life for the first time.

I can’t wait to look back at this post years from now and remember how it all got started!

Places we have traveled :  We have been to Washington D.C for a weekend  ralph and naoma washington dc january 2015

We went to New York City for a work/long weekend.  I got invited to a Verizon Fios meeting and decided to make it a longer weekend of it.  ralph and naoma empire state building

Oh and Ralph got to be in the studio audience for Kelly & Michael and then on Good Morning America.  ralph on kelly and michael  ralph on good morning america

Ralph got a new boat : Ralph upgraded to a 24ft Grady White that we got to spend many fun summer days tubing and going to the beach.  We celebrated Ethan’s and Kat’s birthday on it!  We have been able to watch the sunset, spend quality time with kids, 4th of July with friends and just relaxing out in the Chesapeake Bay for the afternoon.  kats birthday on the boat  boating  celebrating Ethan's birthday on the boat  4th of july on the boat and beachwatching the sunset

Things we have done: So many things we have done this past year it is hard to remember them all.  We got dressed up for the Edmarc Hope Gala, he hosted a casino party at his home, we celebrated birthdays, watched his son’s band headline at the Norva, Taste of Hampton Roads, retirement parties, work parties, tweetups, date nights, Norfolk Harborfest, the circus, Busch Gardens for Christmastown and Food & Wine Festival, hanging out with friends, his son’s graduation party and so many more to name.  I am just grateful to spend every chance I can with this wonderful man! edmarc hope gala  busch gardens  ralph and naoma casino night  ralph and naoma harborfest  ralph and naoma retirement party  ralph and naoma summer party  ralph and naoma taste of hampton roads  ralph and naoma whiskey kitchen  ralph and naoma


I got to meet Ralph’s parents: I enjoyed meeting his parents Carlo and Irene and his brother John.  The boys got to go tubing with Ralph’s father and brother.  And then had the pleasure of making them all breakfast and getting to know them a little.  They were very kind to my boys and I.  ralph father and naoma  ralph mother and naoma


I learned to cook: I haven’t been much of a cook, you can even ask my boys.  But I have learned to love cooking because I know how much it makes Ralph happy.  I do alot of googling and checking out recipe reviews to find the meals to make him and our families.  So far I haven’t had any bad experiences.  First meal I made him from scratch was Clam Chowder and it was a success. Since then I have tried numerous recipes and will be sharing them on the blog now.  minecraft birthday cakescallopsstuffed artichokes ralph and naoma

DIY projects: I learned to make our own laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent (that was a failure) I have created a meal planning system, organized the pantry, organized bathroom, and we have both cleaned out and thrown away many things to start our minimalism projects.  laundry detergent

Ralph check out minimalism art in DC

minimalism art


This is the beginning of sharing our ways of #lovingsimply and becoming more minimalist.

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