September 19, 2015


Noun: a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage

So this is one blog entry where my opinion may be in the minority, I may even offend some. So let me start by saying, take a deep breath. These are my thoughts and feelings and if you disagree, it’s OK, we can still be friends. No need to boycott me, hate me or God Forbid “de-friend or unfollow” us (this is the historical equivalent of ….wait, there is no historical equivalent to the despicable action of “unfollowing”).

So, who are the opportunists that I am speaking of today? They are everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Now this is a new blog and many people don’t know me yet, so let me preface by saying that while I am a minimalist, I am also a raging financial conservative, a social liberal, and am in full support of the free market economy that has made our country a wonder of the world. So in essence I am a mystery wrapped around an enigma, or a knish in Kansas, or a….. Well you get the point, I’m hard to define. 

Schools: Let me remind you all that I had three kids before I met Naoma. Every year the school would have these kids selling popcorn, and at Christmas, wreaths, and Candy bars at some other point. The idea, is that these well intended kids are supposed to go door to door selling their wares with their cherub like looks and guilt the neighbors into buying crap they don’t need or want.  Most parents however, end up taking their kids sheets to work and selling it there…. Please, please, do not do this. We love you at work, you’re a great “insert what you do here”, but please for the love of all that is holy, do not try to sell crap that your kid is supposed to be selling. Then there the school pictures that are now being done twice a year instead of once.  A high school yearbook was once a thing for your senior year.. Not anymore, get ready to buy one yearly or have your kids act like they are being raised by wolves. 

Sports: OK, I could go on for this for many paragraphs, but let’s just say that back in the day every kid was not on a travel team. As a matter of fact, most kids played multiple sports and did not play one sport year round with multiple coaches, camps and clinics. People, the likelihood of your kid becoming a professional athlete are just as bad now as they were back in the day when Babe Ruth was obese and smoking in between innings in Yankee stadium. Let your kids enjoy the game. I think that the planet will stay on axis if your kids didn’t have the latest under armor uniform, their own athletic trading cards, private coaching, or a window shock sticker letting the world know that you kid, #12, is the shortstop for the Renegades. 

Fashion: I don’t know where to go with this except to say that it’s out of control. You fall for the materialism, the advertising and now your 12 year old only gets underwear from Victoria’s Secret… Oh my, where to go from there. Kids who have no marketable skills wearing $160 UGG boots.. Why? Who convinced parents that this was necessary, or smart, or responsible?

College, Cars, etc. you can see where I’m going with all of this. There are opportunists everywhere trying to separate you from your money and your time from what really matters. I say stop, take a deep breath and say “no”. You cannot be on a travel team, no, you cannot have $150 dollar sneakers, no, we will not be buying this or that… No, we are going to do something better with our time and resources. 

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