Life Can Change in a Minute

September 28, 2015
2008 ford edge accident

So this weekends weather was dreary with moments of beauty, typical for late September in Hampton Roads, VA. The kind of weather where you are rarely happy with what you are wearing, it is either too windy, humid, cold or warm for the outfit you picked out. Saturday was a luxurious day of sleeping until 10:30 followed by breakfast in bed. The rest of the day that followed was equally lazy, watching Netflix, booking a vacation for January, and a trip out to one of our favorite spots to get a burrito. We almost visited some friends a few hours away, but once we got in the car, lost our motivation to drive in the rain and just went home to be lazy. This was a perfect recharge the batteries kind of Saturday that comes around way too infrequently.

Sunday was another story, we had a rather ambitious list of things to do that we felt would make our weekend complete, enjoyable, and feel like we were productive members of the human race. One of the things we were going to do was to move the boat out of the marina and to a good friends dock who offered us free boat storage. We were laughing and telling stories in the car when we saw an ambulance, lights and sirens blaring, clearly trying to get into our lanes of traffic. I quickly pulled to the side of the road and stopped to allow the Ambulance to go and WHAM, we get rear ended and our car thrust forward probably ten feet. I look to Naoma, she is not hurt, system check, I am not hurt, but I am in the middle of an intersection. I pull forward before this bad situation gets worse. The driver was 18 and he never even hit the brakes, probably busy texting, but we’ll never know.

So our day was inconvenienced, but we were so grateful. The cars safety features, along with the hand of God, kept us unharmed, we have insurance, the car was drivable, fixable, and we were on our way in thirty minutes. The fellow who hit us had his airbags deploy, he too was unharmed, but at 18 years old, he has to face his parents, not to mention the assured wrath of his insurance company since he was cited at the scene for some infraction. Although the accident was clearly his fault, we felt bad for the kid, he fully admitted  his fault in the accident. He was sweet enough to text us later to apologize further and saying he was glad we were ok.

How much worse this could have been. Stuff can be damaged, destroyed,repaired or replaced. We don’t love our cars, they are rarely detailed, but well maintained, functional machines that meet our need for transportation. People are what matters, I thank God for our safety and health. I can live without a car, but would not want to face tomorrow without Naoma. So we truly savored the rest of our Sunday together and actually finished everything on our list, which included taking time to blog, read and be mindful. I was mindful of the people who get a bad piece of news about a family member, a scary diagnosis, or maybe a change in their employment status. Oddly enough, we didn’t talk about the accident the rest of the day.


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