Cooking Simply

September 19, 2015
cooking simply

(Naoma, insert some amazing photos here)

Cooking, almost everyone does it, but boy are there many shades of grey in that statement. That was not an innuendo about “whipping up” a meal. (That was funny). Ok, now I’m probably only amusing myself.

You will notice that we have a tab called “cooking simply” on the top of the page. We will share here the many things that we cook. We will provide recipes and will give an honest assessment of how it turned out with pictures added too.

So, cooking has been a big part of our relationship. When we met Naoma wasn’t much of a cook, she kept things pretty simple, by simple I mean really simple. Essentially , she made kid friendly food. I, on the other hand, cooked regularly and was very comfortable making all sorts of simple and relatively complex meals. I still remember the first meal I made for my entire family and how happy everyone was and how complementary everyone was of the flavors. I was 15 and the meal was homemade tortellini alfredo with prosciutto and baby peas, a salad, and a side of garlic bread. This was the beginning of my cooking and I never stopped. I’m pretty sure Naoma was impressed the first time I cooked for her, you’ll have to ask her. So, as we started dating we would either go out to eat or it was me cooking for her. Then one day, she made Homemade Clam Chowder, this was a game changer! I was blown away by it’s complex flavor and perfection. Well, I guess I carried on so much that she started cooking all the time, next was gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches (I can’t wait to share that one) and it has escalated from there to some of the tastiest meals I’ve ever had. Now, on our nights together, she cooks way more than I do and we go out a lot less often, but that has as much to do with minimalism as it does our passion for cooking.

While we both love and appreciate a finely prepared meal, I think the real reason we try so hard in the kitchen is to wow each other. I know she loves to do things to make me happy and I never want to stop making her feel special, nor do I want to ever try to stop impressing her and since I’m not getting any younger, I’ll never have a head full of hair, and my career is pretty much in a plateau state (I’m fine with that), food is about the only trick I have up my sleeve.

I truly hope that you enjoy our cooking simply section. I will warn you that any post I make will have garlic involved because 1. I don’t make desserts and 2. Vampires.

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